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I’m a big fan of birth photography. I sit and drool over it and “wish we had that when I was having babies” all the time. I’ve been a doula since 1997 so my first doula babes are high school graduates who are voting for the very first time this year! Photography is new for me…but I love it almost as much as I do helping mamas.

I finally took the plunge and photographed a birth from start to finish with no doula-ing involved! Thankfully…it was a beautiful homebirth with a wonderfully supportive midwife so my years of instinct about where to be at any given moment just kicked into high gear and I think we got some really beautiful images!



Best compliment came from the midwife who said, “I think you did it all perfectly – looking back at so many of these pictures, I didn’t even realize you were there.” #birthphotographygoals

So here are a few of my favorites from this magical evening. I’m ready to do it again!!

birth photographyimg_7254


Seriously everything about this family is gorgeous and they made the birth photography a joy. One of my favorite parts was how involved their dog was in the process. She was prepared in advance for the sounds and the people, but I don’t know that anyone was expecting her to be so protective during the labor.



birth photography, product photographyBirth affirmations are a big part of the home birth setting these days. “I can do this” and “My body was made for this” are things that the mom has practiced over and over in her head in the days leading up to the birth. Sometimes I feel like the affirmations aren’t just for her though. I feel like they’re there for the team to understand how important this is to her. I couldn’t resist capturing some of the ambiance of the birth in the colorful images on the walls prepared especially for the birth.

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