Baby Zane

When there’s a new grandbaby…you take pictures. Didn’t make it to the birth, but we did get some nice images of the newest member of Clan Owen. (Don’t miss the link to the video at the bottom of the page!)

img_6703 img_6704 img_6705 img_6706 img_6707 img_6709 img_6710 img_6711 img_6712 img_6712-2 img_6713 img_6715 img_6716 img_6720 img_6722 img_6725 img_6726 img_6727 img_6728 img_6728-2 img_6729 img_6730 img_6731 img_6732 img_6733 img_6734 img_6735 img_6736 img_6737 img_6740 img_6741 img_6742 img_6744 img_6745 img_6746 img_6750 img_6751 img_6752 img_6753 img_6754 img_6755 img_6756 img_6756-2 img_6757 img_6758 img_6759 img_6759-2 img_6760


Here’s the video!

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